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The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends the duct system and major HVAC components be inspected according to the following table.

HVAC Cleanliness Inspection Schedule – NADCA ACR Table 1

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1. Cleaning Your Air Ducts Improves Indoor Air Quality

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mold is not typically an issue until it begins growing indoors. If air ducts are not properly installed, maintained and operated, they may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen or other debris. Furthermore, mold spores are found floating through the air and in house dust. Molds can have a large effect on indoor air quality and health effects including allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory complaints. Cleaning your air ducts will help this problem.

2. Air Duct Cleaning Reduces Pollutants

NADCA explains that air duct cleaning reduces the number of airborne pollutants circulated in the home from “normal” home activity, such as mold, pollen, dander bacteria, dust mites and residues from chemicals and household products. These contaminants gather in the ductwork and can contribute to breathing disorders, including asthma and allergies or breathing disorders or cause serious problems for those with respiratory health conditions, autoimmune disorders or some environmental allergies. The air conditioner and heater are channels that allow pollution to enter the living area where they are easily breathed in.

3. Air Duct Cleaning Can Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

As the ducts are cleaned and less clogged, the heating and air conditioning system will struggle less to deliver the desired temperatures inside your home. This could mean less consumption of energy, especially since airflow is improved during the air duct cleaning process. in other words, ductwork cleaning can boost energy efficiency, improve performance, and reduce air conditioning costs.

4. Creates A Healthy Indoor Environment

Dust particles, mold spores, viruses, and allergens carried through the air from the air ducts can make the matter even worse. By cleaning your home’s air ducts, you can actually promote a healthier environment. The duct cleaning process gets rid of some pollutants and contaminants, thus making the air breathed in fresher and less contaminated with allergens.

5. Increases Indoor Comfort

Clogged or dirty air ducts can affect your HVAC system’s performance. However, air duct cleaning gets rid of clogged debris and improves air flow, which can actually increase the effectiveness of the system. Consequently, this increases indoor comfort as far as heating, cooling, and air conditioning is concerned.

6. Enhances The Lifecycle Of Your HVAC system

NADCA advises when it comes to air ducts, “prevention is the best medicine.” Proper duct maintenance can reduce the need for costly repairs later on and when done correctly, annual maintenance is very beneficial to the air inside your home and the lifecycle of your air handling units.

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