Green T Deck Installation Professionals

Proper design and installation is essential to the longevity of your deck or patio. We are bonded & insured and Green T’s professional technicians provide friendly and informed service. We will give you a free estimate and help you select the perfect design and right materials to fit your needs, architectural style and budget.

Cedar decks

Cedar Deck Project Joliet

Cedar decks have a combination of unique properties: they are dimensionally stable, (lay flat, stay straight, less likely to warp), naturally resist rot and insect infestation, and have thermal properties that allow them to stay cool to touch. Aesthetically, they offer a range of natural hues and their softness make them easy to work with, readily accepting protective stains.

Composite decks

Composite deck Naperville

Composites are made of wood fiber and plastic, with texture that can be embossed onto their warm surface before it cools. They are considered good for the environment as they can be made of waste including sawdust, used plastic milk jugs, and shopping bags. Composites don’t need much more than an annual wash-down, stop fading after only turning a slightly lighter shade after the first two or three months in the sun, don’t rot/attract termites/warp, and don’t produce splinters.

Azek Decks

Azec deck project

AZEK exterior products are made from engineered polymers, with moisture resistant, long-lasting performance and a low-maintenance painted finish. They come ready to install and can be styled alone or combined to suit both simple and elaborate tastes.

Timber Tech Decks

TimberTech Decking project

TimberTech makes products that look like natural wood, but are more sustainable, longer-lasting and much easier to work with.

Trex Decks

New deck with gazebo wheaton

Trex makes high-performance composite decking and has a full suite of outdoor living products to create a low-maintenance, high-design space.

Patios and More

Outside Patio with Fire Place

Patios can be made from a variety of materials such as pavers, brick, flagstone and natural stone or concrete. Walkways can be made of similar material. Other related outdoor features can include: Stairways/Steps/Landings, Arbors/Pergolas/Gazebos, Outdoor Kitchens/Grill areas/Bars and seating, and Fire pits & BBQ pits.